Creating A Workflow For Data Collection From Chat Widgets

Empowering Your Business With Data Collection


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI powered, training personality.

Data Collection is a vital part of running a business, you need to know who your customers are, and how you can help them. One of the ways we can collect information is via a website chat widget. But how do we configure that widget, to take the information it has been given, and send it to us? Today we are going to find out how!

First, we need to head on over to automation in the left-hand sidebar and click on “Create new workflow” Then we need to select “create a workflow from scratch”. Then, we need to set the trigger, so just click here on the add trigger section. Our trigger is going to be customer input from the chat widget, so let’s scroll down until we find customer replied. Then We need to add a filter. The filter we are going to use is “reply channel”, Then we need to set where the reply will be coming from, so let’s select “chat widget” then select “save trigger”.

After this, we need to tell the workflow what to do next, in this situation, we want it to send an internal notification to the team. So Let’s click on add your first action, then scroll down until we find “send internal notification”. There are a couple of notification options here, including email and SMS, for now, we are going to choose email. Then we need to add a subject to our internal notification, so the person knows where the notification is coming from. So let’s just call it “Chat Widget Reply.” Then I am going to choose who to send it to, for now I am just going to select “all users” However, you can send it to an assigned, particular user or even a custom email.

Now we need to tell it what information to send. The chat widget will ask for, a customer’s name, phone number, and message so let’s go to custom values and add those values in. Just open up the drop-down menu, then go to contacts, and add in the full name and phone number. After this, we need to go down to message, and select “message body” There is no reason to add any other values, as the chat widget doesn’t request any other information. With that setup, we’ll save the internal notification settings. Then you will want to publish your workflow. So now, when a customer replies to the chat widget, it’ll set off this workflow, which will send out an email containing the information the contact provided. Now you have an automated process in place for data collection! Good luck, with your new leads!