Google Integration

Using Google Services From Within Our Marketing Platform


Web geeks marketing platform is most certainly a hub for integrations. There are so many options to integrate your services that you need not look anywhere else for your business needs! Not everyone uses outlook as a service provider, so how about integrating your google services within the platform? Well, that’s what we are going to cover in this lesson.

First, we need to go down to settings, and scroll down to integrations. Here we will find many different integrations available within the platform. As you can see, Gmail is the first on the list. Our first step, is to click, the sign-in button. Once this is done, lead-connector will prompt you to choose the account that you would like to sign into, once you have done this, lead-connector will also ask you to agree to the permissions it needs to integrate your account, click allow. The next screen will prompt you to connect any google business account to the platform, as we don’t have one right now we are going to skip this. So we can click close, this will take us back to the previous screen.

Now, as you can see, we now have options for adding your google analytics and ad-words accounts but for now, we are going to concentrate on integrating our google calendar. So let’s go back to the sidebar and click calendar, from here we will go up to create calendar. which will open a pop up window. Here you can select the type of calendar you wish to setup, for now I am going to choose “simple calendar”. Here we will see further options for our calendar, Let’s start with a name, so here I am going to type in, “google calendar” then in description, I am going to say “personal” and in calendar URL I am just going to enter my name. Now we can scroll down, and in the “link to calendar” section, open the drop-down, and choose google then in google calendar, you need to select the account you want to use.

Now, under “sync option” we will select “two-way sync”, which will allow people using the platform not only to see my appointments but add appointments to my google calendar as well. So after we are all done. let’s click save and continue. This will take us, to the availability options screen. Here, you can select all the options for your availability. You can adjust the appointment slot settings, and the scheduling notice that you would like, so that you can avoid any last-minute appointments. You can add your office hours so that people know when you are available and even set up options for recurring appointments. After you have done all this, just hit save and continue.

The last screen is for additional options. Here you can link a booking form to the calendar, in case you would like to supply one to people on your website. This would have to be created in the form builder section of the platform first. If you choose to click the box saying “sticky contact” that will autofill information for leads if they have used the form before. You can also choose to send out an email acknowledgement after the appointment is made to the contact and the emails of any other people you would like to to be informed of the appointment, such as yourself or your assistant.

If you have google meet-link generation setup, you can choose to let the calendar auto confirm appointments, you can even allow google calendar to send invitation or update emails to the attendees here. Then you have options for rescheduling and cancellations.
In the next box you can customise a message that will be sent out to contacts and attendees with your phone number and email, and give them links to either reschedule or cancel the appointment. Then you have additional options for a Facebook pixel id and a box where you can add custom HTML or JavaScript to the calendar.

The last section allows you to send out a thank you message after form submission. So once all of that is done, just click complete and your calendar is all setup! Doesn’t it feel great having an ai personal assistant to automate your processes for you? Even as an AI myself, I find that pretty amazing! And so efficient too!