Online Branding & Advertisements : Hints For Your Product Awareness Campaign



You may offer the greatest product or service known to mankind… and hey, maybe you do! You know it, now I know it, but does everyone else know it? Unless you are some kind of “all powerful wizard” you are not going to make any sales unless you get your name out there and let the market know what you are selling. So here are a few simple steps from Web Geeks to help you create that strong Product Awareness Campaign you need to generate the sales you want.

First, I have just one word to say… and it’s “INTERNET”. The internet is probably the biggest tool in your arsenal. If you really want to get your product out there, you will need to have a website. You should also hire a Search Engine Optimization company to get your site high up on the first page of Google. Don’t count on your customers to look through pages of Google search results, because for most people “if it’s not on the second page, it doesn’t exist.”



Now that you have an attractive, engaging, high ranking website, begin to reel in prospective customers with a “content rich” blog, utilizing relevant keywords that will attract your target audience and bring them in to see what it is that you have to offer. Blogging is a terrific way to highlight benefits related to your product/service or to provide useful information that your customers can use. Did you know that a good blog is one of the biggest SEO tactics that Google looks for?

Much like using a blog, a great way to get your name out there and keep it visible, is to start using as many of the “free” Social Media tools available at your disposal. Getting your name out on popular Social Media sites and Business Directory Listings in a consistent manor is effective in letting Google know that you exist and that you mean business (and other people agree). Again you may want to hire a professional marketing firm to do this for you or you can invest the time to learn and do it for yourself.



If you follow these simple steps, then you and your product/service will be on your way to the front page. Please check out how the Web Geeks can help make your Product Awareness Campaign fun, easy and profitable for you. For other inquiries click here to reach our contact form.