How To Log into Your WordPress Website

Accessing The The Development Area


Hi, I’m Allie, Our AI Powered, training personality.

WordPress, is an amazing tool, for website creation and management. With so many ways to customise your website, you can make sure that your brand’s site is just the way you want it! However, once your website has been created, how do you, log into it? Today, I am going to show you, how to do just that!

As you can see, I am already on our website, so now, I am just going to go to the URL and type /wp-admin after our web address and hit “enter”. This will take me to the WordPress login screen. Just remember, when you do this, make sure there is nothing after the .com in your URL, for example, if you are on the “about us page” you will have to delete the end of the URL, or this won’t work. Then all you have to do is type in your username. and password, and click “log in”. And it’s as easy as that! Now it’s time to relax, and enjoy the benefits, of WordPress!