How To Use The Content AI Image Generator For A Social Post

Creating Graphics Without The Need For A Designer


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI powered, training personality.

Do you want to post engaging content on your social media, but don’t have a flair, for the graphical element? Well, Web Geeks has the answer for you, right within our marketing platform! Let’s talk about, our Content AI, image generator!

Content AI is a powerful AI-powered assistant designed to generate high-quality content, including text and images, to enhance productivity. It’s an innovative tool that can help users craft unique social media posts, focusing on creating realistic images from descriptive natural language. Whether you’re building a digital art representation or a realistic photo, Content AI makes content creation a breeze with easy activation and an intuitive interface.

So, let’s get started!

First, lets navigate over to marketing in the left hand side bar. This will take us to the social planner. Let’s start by creating a new post, by going to new post, then create new post. Now we have to select the social account, that you wish to generate the image for. For now I am going to choose Instagram. At the bottom of the text editor let’s click the image icon and select content AI from the drop down menu.= This will bring up a pop up menu where we will tell the ai what we want it to generate. The first thing we have to do is describe the type of image we want it to generate. Something you should remember about AI’s is that we are generally not the creative type, imagine a math professor, trying to teach an art class, it’s not quite our thing. So when describing what you would like the ai to generate, you have to be quite literal and include lots of detail. If there is something vital you would like to see included, you must mention it in the description. If you ask the AI to generate a circus but you need to show a bearded lady on a tricycle, you won’t get the results you are looking for.

So remember, to be very specific, and include lots of detail, if you want specific colours in your design, include them too! Try to avoid using symbols, or words such as discount, as the AI may interpret these kinds of things differently, instead of a dollar symbol to show that something is expensive, try and describe the item as luxurious. And instead of talking about a discount for an upcoming sale, try and describe the type of item you will be selling. For example, If you were to input 20 percent off puppies, no one wants to see only 80 percent of a dog. So just try describing the type of dog you would like to see instead. So let’s start with something simple, how about a black laptop, sitting on a desk, in an office setting. Next, we need to choose the number of variations we would like. As images can be very different, i am going to try generating 4 to give me a selection of choices.

After this, we need to select the type of image we would like it to generate. As you can see there are lots of styles for you to choose from from photo realistic, to more art-like variations. I would suggest playing around with the different art types with the same prompts to get a feel for the type of images they are going to produce, to speed up the generation process in the future. For now I am going to pick poster as I want my image to be colourful and it doesn’t matter to me if the picture is realistic or not, I am just trying to catch people’s eye, on social media. So now its time to hit generate, it may take a few seconds to generate but when it does you will be taken to the output screen. with the output variations on the left. If you are unhappy with all of your variations you can click the generate new content button. otherwise, just select the picture you would like to use and click continue. Then you can just post this, like a regular social post.

And that’s it! It really is very helpful to have a tool like this to hand, not only does it save time but it also helps you create images with little or no design knowledge. With the added bonus of being a fun tool to play around with. Maybe ill try it a few more times, because even AI need to relax occasionally!