How To Use The Email Builder

Creating An Email Newsletter


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI powered, training personality.

Keeping customers informed of your products and services is a vital part of marketing. Customers need to know if there are any changes or updates to your services, or if you are launching a new product. You may even be running a company event, that you want your customers to be aware of. But what is the best way to get your message out there? How about an email? Email marketing is a great way to engage with both your current, and potential customers! And you can do this, right within web geeks marketing platform. Today we are going to show you how to edit a ready-made email template for a company newsletter. Let’s see how it’s done!

Let’s navigate over to marketing in the left hand side bar, then to emails, and click on templates. Now we are going to click on new, and choose email marketing template from the drop down menu, this will open up a library of various templates, for various industries and for various types of emails, Just pick one that suits you! For now we are going to go to the creative section, and click on graphic genius. Here you can preview the entire template as a whole. Underneath the template you will find some information, to help you decide if this template, is the right choice for you. Now let’s click continue, agree to the terms of use and click “get this template” at this point you will need to refresh the page, to see the template in your list. However, I have one here from earlier so I’ll just click this one which will open up, the email builder. So, on the left hand side we have our toolbar, here you will find all of your content modules, layouts, and appearance settings. And on the right, you have the design view for the editor.

As you can see, this template is full of sections and modules that allow different content to be added and adjusted. At the top of the template we have space for a logo, this has been placed in, using an image box. Here we are going to replace the default logo with our own. There are two ways to replace a logo, one is by uploading your own image, and the other is by adding a link to a picture that is already in use within the platform. For now we are just going to replace the logo by uploading our own. So to do this just click on this box, which will open up a media library. To upload the logo you would like to use just use the upload button over here, for now we are going to use one that we uploaded earlier. Double click on the image and you will be taken back to the design editor with your logo at the top of the page. Then you can adjust the height and width of your logo along with adding padding or changing the alignment. I think the logo looks better centered. Don’t you? Now just scroll up and click done after you have finished. Now its time to give your newsletter a title, so let’s click on the text module here, and as you can see we have opened up a text editor.

This is just the same as the email editor, within the platform. The current title is set to heading 2 but you can adjust that as you see fit, but I think this looks good so I am just going to replace the text with “monthly news update” And you probably want to put in a short introductory message in the paragraph section here. You can adjust the padding if you like, but the default is usually good for most situations. Easy. right?
n the next section we find a button module which is a bit different, let’s open it up. Here you can add the button text and change the font or size if wanted. Under actions you can set what you would like to happen when someone clicks on this button. You can get it to open up a URL, send an email to a desired address, open a file or call a number, for now lets start with a URL. In the link URL section you just need to type in the web address you want people to visit. Then you can align the button within the module, set the colour of the button, add a border, or change how round you want the button to be under the radius section. For now, we are just going to leave this as it is, and head onto the next section.

Here, we will find another image module. Let’s replace this image.

This time we are going to do a search on Pixabay, to find an image. So just open this drop down, click Pixabay and let’s type graphic. And I’ll just double click this one here, and there we go, fits nicely, don’t you think? As you can see, making these changes is really easy! But what if you would like to do something different than just editing text or an image? What if one of the sections, just doesn’t fit the layout you had in mind? Well, as luck would have it, that’s simple too!

Let’s skip a section, and edit this one with the image and text. What if you would like the picture space, to be bigger that the text space? To change this, we just click on the section instead of the module. And, at the top here you will find various column layouts. Currently the layout is set to 2, but to make the picture bigger, we are going to change the layout to, 3 quarters, over one quarter. But maybe we’ve changed our mind, and want it the other way around, just click the opposite, here.

How about adding more modules? Lets use the next section for this. Perhaps I need 4 modules for news from the company. So we click on the section again then click on the last layout here. I think we are going to start from scratch in this section so let’s delete all of the modules inside, by hovering over each and clicking the trash icon. Now, as you can see, we are free to add in, any content that we like, by pulling it over from the toolbar. Let’s pull over 4 text boxes. Then you can just edit them as I showed you earlier. Easy. Right? What about adding more modules to the same section? Just drag and drop whatever you may need underneath the current modules. So maybe ill add a video, a social button, and a couple of images. The video can be replaced exactly the same way as the images, by clicking this box here, or you can add a video from various websites by selecting one from the drop down menu then adding in the URL underneath. Then you can adjust the appearance of your video further down.

For the social button, you can choose a wide variety of buttons, for now lets just use Facebook, and forget about the rest. So to do this, I am going to delete the other options. Now we need to edit the Facebook button, so that it takes your customers to the right place. So let’s click the pencil icon, which is visible when you hover over Facebook, here Now just enter the desired URL in the URL box and any supporting or alt text that you wish to add. Then you can choose your button style and whether you want an icon, text or both. Then under styles, you have all your normal appearance settings, I am going to make this bigger by using the slider here, there we go, much better! Then all you need to do, is go back and edit your remaining modules.

Now, we are going to skip past the next sections, as we already know how to edit them, and edit the footer. Due to the colour of the text and the editor colour, I am just going to change the text to black, so we can see it better. As you can see here you have standard footer text containing an example of copyright information, you can just delete this, and add in your own or you could also add anything else you like, such as your company address and phone number. For now, I will leave it as it is and just change the text back to white.

After all this is done, you can go into the appearance settings and change anything else you would like. Under template you can change the background and body colour or even replace the colour with an image. You can also adjust the width of your content. Here you will also find button and divider settings. You could even make your newsletter more snazzy by inserting your own custom CSS. Then the last section will help you better format the newsletter for mobile. And that’s it! Now you can go out and create your very own email newsletter, to inform your customers of what’s happening in your business, drive more traffic to your website, and capture even more leads! Who would have thought it would be so simple?