Marketing – Categories And Tags

Organising Your Marketing Efforts


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Social content creation is a process that never stops, posts are created for social media channels weekly or monthly all year round. So how do we keep track of our posts and which type of posts are working the best with our audience?

Well, inside the social planner in Web Geeks marketing platform you will find a feature that will help you with this task. When creating a social post, you are able to add categories and tags to help you to not only see the results of your various posts, but also, help you keep things organised, and help you with targeted scheduling.

Lets take a look inside the social planner and see how it’s done.

Let’s get started,

First we need to navigate on over to marketing, in the left-hand sidebar, which will bring us to the social planner. Then we are going to head on over to “create new post”.

So, let’s create a post, lets say i want to start off every week with a post series called “Marketing Monday” to go out at the beginning of the week to inspire my followers. I’ll just add in my post, here. Then I’ll add a picture to go alongside my post fortunately, i have one i made earlier, already in the media library, so i will just insert it, here.

Now, we are going to open up the advanced options to add our categories and tags. The only difference between categories and tags is that categories are just a broader categorisation than a tag. So, to add a category, all i need to do, is click on the plus symbol, at the end of this box. Add in my “Marketing Monday” category. Then i will assign a colour to the category, then click “add”.

Categories can help you with your content strategy. For example, when planning posts, you will want to cover a variety of topics to keep your audience engaged. Just make sure you use a few different categories each week, or month, depending on the frequency of your posting.

Now i have my category, let’s get into the finer details with some tags.

You are probably going to assign more than one tag to each post to help you with your organisation and analytics. So, for this post i’ll go for, a few different ones. Let’s say, “Visual” – because i am adding an image. “Advice” – because i will be giving out marketing advice in this post. And “Interaction” – as i am going to ask a brief question about the advice at the end, to engage my audience. As you have just seen, to add in the tags all i need to do is type each out and click on add category above the box. Adding these tags, can help you track the types of content you are posting, and see which is performing the best.

After a tag or category is registered in the system, you will then be able to select it in the future, from the drop-down list. After that’s all done, you can go ahead and schedule your post.

But what if you want to find the content you have tagged and categorised in the future? Well, lets go back and take a look at the search function in the social planner. Here you can search your posts by category and tag.

Remember, categories and tags can also help you with targeted scheduling.
Tags allow you to schedule posts for specific time or days. I have made a category for “Marketing Monday”, however, you could always use a tag for “Marketing Monday” instead, either way, you can schedule these posts to go out on a Monday. If you chose the tag route, you could then organise your content further, by putting that tag inside a category called “Weekly Tips”.

And that’s all there is to it! Now, you know how to add and use categories and tags inside the social planner. Good luck with your social posting and we hope these functions help make your marketing efforts more efficient.