Outlook Calendar Integration

Making Appointment Setting Easier


Hi. I’m Allie, our AI-powered, training personality.

Are you tired of using multiple apps just to access something as simple as your calendar? Would you rather have all of your eggs in one metaphorical basket when it comes to appointment setting? Well, Web geeks marketing platform can help you do just that! Our platform, allows you to integrate your Outlook calendar, within the CRM. Allowing for seamless synchronization of data and making sure you never miss an important meeting. Let’s find out, how simple it is to integrate your outlook!

First, we are going to navigate to settings and click on my profile, up the top here. Then scroll down to the integrations section here you will find the outlook calendar section, now click the connect button. Then web geeks marketing platform will log you in, to the outlook account you are currently logged into. Now we just have to configure the settings for your integration.

In the primary calendar section here let’s click the edit button. Now the system will ask which calendar you would like to sync events to, select the one you would like to use then, in the primary calendar section, select calendar from the drop-down menu. Then click save. This will take us back, to the previous screen. Now it’s time to check for conflicts. This will help prevent double bookings. So in the check for conflicts box click edit. Select the places you wish to check and then click save.

And there we have it, Your outlook calendar is now synchronized with our marketing platform, making your and your employee’s lives much easier. And preventing you from missing out on vital appointments!