Resources for Social Media Marketing



Social media marketing is something that every business should be doing to build their online presence, inform the community on what their business is up to and to engage with customers. Building a friendly, helpful and lasting relationship with customers will make them feel welcome and lead to repeat business. Since there are so many social networks and platforms to cover regarding social media marketing, we’ll tell you about some of the tactics our digital marketing team uses here at Web Geeks.

Social Media Post Scheduling

Our social media team uses a tool that allows us to compose and schedule social media posts to simultaneously publish on social media platforms such as to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and more! This allows users to view a weekly or monthly calendar to get the larger picture of what is being posted to social media for all clients. You can also filter by social profile to ensure that all of your planned posts have been scheduled.

Social Seeding

Our social seeding strategies include following relevant Facebook Pages, Twitter and Instagram feeds and even following hashtags and posts within geographic areas to build our clients’ business. Social media marketers can use these strategies to Like, comment, share and engage with social posts from other pages and influencers to grow our clients’ online presence and associate with relevant Pages and their audiences. On some social networks, following new users to get them to follow you back is an effective social seeding tactic.

Social Media Hashtag Research

Web Geeks’ social media team uses tools to determine the most effective hashtags for your posts. Our tools show the volume of posts with each hashtag so you can include high-volume/low-volume hashtags on your posts to get immediate (and in some cases, long-lasting) exposure.



Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook Business Manager and Ads Manager allow marketers to create ads that will be served across Facebook, Instagram and partner sites, including many local news providers. There are many different types of ads that are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on your marketing objective, you may use different types of ads focusing on engagement, link clicks, video views, awareness, actions like registrations completed on another site or promoting an event.

Targeting options include restricting the area your ads are served to a specific area, age group, gender, and can even add interest and life stage targeting. For example, a wedding and event coordinator can craft their messaging towards women who are planning a wedding by targeting women in the local area who are recently engaged.

Reporting Tools

Clients want to see results from their social media marketing, and Web Geeks has access to reporting tools to give measurable results. Insights from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow us to see what posts performed the best with their audience, had the most reach and to show the growth of social media profiles as time goes on. These insights can also show who your audience is and where they are coming from.

If you are driving users to a website, it is essential to have Google Analytics tracking installed which gives a wealth of useful information. Google Analytics tells a user how many people visit the website, what pages they visit, how they got there, how long they spend on each page, and even shows the paths that visitors take to travel from one page to another. This data is essential when you are driving people off social media to a website to understand if your efforts are effective at getting visitors to complete your goal on the website.

Other reporting tools allow us to pull customized reports pulling in data from multiple social media platforms and website analytics, customized to clients’ goals.

Creating Graphics with Adobe Creative Suite and Online Tools

Social media marketers need to be photographers and graphic designers as well. At Web Geeks, we have a graphic designer working full time to create stunning graphics for our clients’ social media posts. Using programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, we have the skills to touch up photos and customize them as needed. There are other online graphic creation tools that can be used. Canva (https://www.canva.com/templates/social-graphics/) is a useful online graphics tool that includes templates for various social media and banner ads, they even have pre-made graphics which can be customized!



Stock Photos

Sometimes our clients do not have photos to use for daily posting, and that is okay! Our social media team has access to millions of stock photos and images that can be customized to create the perfect graphics to communicate our clients’ messages to their audience.

There are a lot of skills that go into digital marketing and learning to use them all correctly can be time consuming for business owners. You must be a writer, photographer, graphic designer and web designer. If you are looking to expand your business’ online presence, meet with Web Geeks to learn how our team of digital marketers can help your business grow!