Targeting The New Generations



The new generation of “Gen We” and “Gen Z” are shaking up the way people buy in today’s market, and you need to be ready for it. At Web Geeks Marketing we embrace this change and are ready for it, and can help get you ready for it too.

“Generation We” – also known as “Generation Y” – is anyone born between the 1980’s and the early 1990’s. This generation typically still lives at home, and are more self aware and socially responsible than the generations before them. This generation is found to be one of the most influential when it comes to family buying decisions, and have an impact on everything from what car the family buys to where they go on vacation, making them one of the key demographics to target when trying to sell your brand.

Peer pressure is starting to fade with this demographic, slowly phasing out the ability to target groups of friends in order to pressure their peers into trying your products. Instead, you have to be creative and attract them on your own by appealing to their individuality.



“Generation Z” or “iGen” is anyone with the birth years from the late 1990’s through the 2010’s. This generation still lives at home and is a major player in family decisions. Although they are very young, they play one of the biggest roles of family purchase decision-making. This is a generation that has a love/hate relationship with technology. “Everybody thinks they’re on their phones and iPads way too much and that it is actually going to have a detrimental effect on them, but our research shows they really do know when to abandon their phones or tablets to go and do other things,” said Therese Caruso, managing director of global strategy and insights at Zeno Group. So while both these generations are very tech savvy and love their technology, other means of advertising to them is strongly suggested as well.

While generation Z and Y are both very similar they do have slight differences. While both use online devices, Gen Z typically does everything with their mobile devices while Gen Y spends more time on game consoles and tablets. They also respond differently to online ads. While Generation Z watches the full videos and put a lot of focus on the banner ads, Generation Y skip over these videos, as well as have ad blindness when it comes to banner ads.

This effects how you will need to reach them in the future. With Generation Z, you will be able to use the same type of ads you’ve been doing. In regards to Generation Y, the advertiser will have to become more creative in ways to reach out to them and grab their attention.



With these two generations, social is slowly going away and they are more focused on content than social posting. When networking, they use a wide range of social networks and don’t limit themselves to just one. They aren’t always posting about their lives, instead they post more curated content for their friends to see. This is a huge upside for advertisers, because if they like your product and your content is captivating enough for them to share, they will repost it to their friends. This of course means more eyes on your business, boosting sales and overall growth.

There may be a lot of differences between these two generations but of course there are some commonalities. A way these Generations are both similar is that they love big-name brands. They also keep an eye on what’s latest and greatest, meaning that when a new product gets released they are the first to know about it. At the end of the day, these are young generations of people. Though technology may change, once you break it down these are young people with young attitudes!

Here at Web Geeks we pride ourselves on building your brand and making it popular. This way, it is a well known name, and makes it top of mind for the consumer when they are out to purchase.

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