Top 3 Trends in Digital Marketing to Help Your Business Grow


3 Digital Marketing Trends to Help Your Business Grow

When you’re working to grow your business, you need to implement effective marketing techniques. Because technology is continually evolving, a savvy marketer knows that using the latest marketing trends is an excellent way to connect with consumers. The following are the top three digital marketing trends that can help you to reach your intended demographic and expand your business.

#1 Email Marketing

Countless people check their email accounts on a daily basis, and many check them multiple times per day. Every time an individual goes to an email account, that person becomes a potential customer for your business. Email marketing is simply marketing to consumers by way of their email accounts. Whether you place banner ads or personalized ads via email, marketing to people through their email accounts is a proven marketing technique.

Another option is to email feedback surveys to current and past customers. (According to one study from February of 2015, 57 percent of the businesses that participated had the email addresses of their customers on file). This kind of marketing repositions your brand in the minds of people who have previously purchased your products or services. It also gives you an opportunity to implement the feedback provided by your customers, which enables you to strengthen your business based on the actual needs of your target demographic.


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#2 Social Media Marketing


According to another survey, 67 percent of Twitter users may be more inclined to purchase from the brands they follow. This is only one indicator of how powerful social media marketing can be. When your brand establishes connections with users on any social media platform, you are creating a marketing campaign with high potential for success. You can accomplish this in several ways, but the best way to start is to open social media accounts on all of the top platforms. Once you do that, you can develop relationships with users by joining conversations that are relevant to your industry. Once your brand has established some followers, you may keep them updated on your various campaigns.



#3 Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is necessary for any business in today’s marketplace. An overwhelming percentage of individuals keep their smartphones handy (based on data found on the Forbes website, that percentage could be as high as 91 percent of adults). By optimizing your website and your ads to be compatible with mobile devices, you will make your business more relevant and more accessible to numerous consumers.





Marketing in the age of digital technology offers you a broad array of options. From email to social media to mobile devices, you might choose from a variety of platforms to reach new and potentially returning customers. When you are aware of and utilize the latest marketing trends, you may effectively grow your business. Our Geeks at Web Geeks Marketing can help.