Updated Release 07.03.04 For Dotnetnuke



This post contains a summary of the latest DNN software fixes, features and security patches.

Major Highlights for Dotnetnuke 7.03.04

  • Fixed issue where site settings were not updating correctly in multi-language installations
  • Fixed issue where partial site templates were not working correctly with child sites
  • Fixed issue where links created in Telerik RadEditor were not correct
  • Fixed issue where search results might be duplicated
  • Fixed issue where user could not change default value for a profile property
  • Fixed issue where a file uploaded from the web is not visible in the Host File Management
  • Fixed issue where ControlBarController returned invalid JSON
  • Fixed issue where you couldn’t add a module in a spanish language site
  • Fixed issue where a clustered index was missing from a search table
  • Fixed issue where uploading an ICO file failed
  • Fixed issue where HTML Editor Permissions were not working correctly
  • Fixed issue where popups were not centered on the screen
  • Fixed issue where popup iframe is not initialized correctly
  • Fixed issue where AUM was not correctly handling 301 redirects
  • Fixed issue where multiple region/country controls in a profile did not work correctly
  • Added ability to save localized lists to resource file
  • Added method to remove all subscriptions from a ContentItem


Security Issues

  • none

Community Contributions

  • Peter Donker – Enhanced localized list support
  • Peter Donker – Fixed list editor issue where label was missing
  • Peter Donker – Fixed profile property issue
  • Raphael – Fixed issue with AUM redirects
  • Sebastian Leupold – Fixed issue with portal settings in multi-language site
  • Jan Jonas – Fixed module installer to display URL from manifest
  • David Williams – Fixed type in obsolete message
  • Brian Dukes – Fixed issue where image files without dimension meta-data cause error.