Viewing And Responding To Messages From Our Marketing Platform

Seeing All Of Your Conversations In One Place


Hi. I’m Allie, our AI powered, training personality.

Web Geeks Marketing Platform allows you to keep all of your conversations in one place. Imagine how much easier it would be to view all of your emails, SMS and social media conversations all in one window. Well, now you can! It even allows you to keep various types of conversations from the same client all in one conversation! Today we are going to find out exactly how we access these conversations and how to reply to them. Let’s get started!

First we are going to start by logging into our service.

So, in your browser, type in: app.ebrandmachine.com. This will take you to the login portal. Here you can type in the email, and password you were registered with, and click sign in. Now you will be prompted to verify your account for security purposes. Click Send security code, go to your email, copy the code and paste it into the space. and click confirm.

This will take us to our dashboard. Accessing your conversations from here is very simple, just navigate on over to conversations in the left-hand sidebar.
So, here we are in the conversations dashboard, here you will see all of your messages across various channels. On the left side, you have all of your conversations, and on the right, you will see the details of the contact. Having this here, allows you to know everything about the person you are talking to, to help you reply efficiently. You can see, or add, active campaigns, or workflows, or create opportunities and book appointments.

The middle is your conversation panel, where you can scroll back through all the contact you have had with this particular client, and respond to their messages. If you have both a phone number, and email, for the person in your contacts, you can reply by both SMS, or email, straight from this window.

When you have a new message, you will see a blue dot on the right-hand side of the message. We have one here. So let’s go down to “send email” to reply. This will open your email editor, then all you have to do is type in your message, attach any relevant files, and click send now . And that’s it! Now you can converse with anyone you like, across various channels, including social media! We hope you enjoy the time you save!