Web Analytics



What it is:

Web Analytics is used to measure important details, such as, how many people have visited a website, how many visitors were unique, how they came to the site (whether they came to it directly, or followed a link/ad), which keywords show strong rankings on search engines, how long they stayed on a certain page, and also, what they did while on the site (what links they clicked, when they came to the site, when they left, etc.).

3 Key Metrics You Need To Track:

  • Traffic:

By monitoring website traffic on your website, you are able to gauge how relevant your website is to your target market.

  • Keyword Rankings:

Make sure the keywords on your website are relevant and targeted specifically to the market you want. If your customers are searching for a particular category, you want your website to show high on SERPs. Look closely at the keywords you are choosing, as this is better for your brand.



Bounce Rate:

If you find people visit and leave your website right away, this can be of major concern. This can mean your website’s content is not relevant enough for your target market, or you’re showing up for wrong keywords.

Why it’s important:

Web analytics can help direct the growth of a business by informing business owners about what their website is doing. Analytics provides significant information which will improve the effectiveness of your website.



How to Utilize:

A way to utilize Web Analytics is to provide a comprehensive Analytics Report. Reports can be filtered to reflect the wants and needs of a company, while real time views allow the company to know if the content is popular and which posts yield the best results.