Web Geeks: Digital Marketing in Windsor



Our New Location

Web Geeks Marketing is in Windsor! They have recently opened its new head office located at 1097 Erie Street East in Windsor, Ontario.  This new head office will allow Web Geeks to serve both locally and internationally as their client base grows.

What Kind of Digital Services Do We Offer?

Web Geeks Marketing is a digital marketing company that specializes in digital marketing, web development, online advertising and search engine optimization for businesses in Ontario and Michigan. With more than 20 years of experience in software and web development, Web Geeks has developed a remarkable reputation for putting customers first and as a fun, go-to marketing firm. Along with web development and design, Web Geeks plans to increase their services in social media marketing.



The Big Kahuna

President and CEO of Web Geeks, Lorne Shantz states, “With search engines like Google constantly challenging businesses to make their digital marketing relevant and useful, we have found our business growing and in-demand. Our new location allows us to expand our staffing complement as well as update our technology. We are thrilled to be in this position.”



A Few of Our Clients

Web Geeks has helped many companies. To name a few, Web Geeks has been responsible for working with Pajama Angels, Holy Cross Services, Grosse Pointe Art Center, Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church and GM Outlet Parts.

Web Geeks is focused on empowering organizations that want to grow, while building trusted, long-lasting relationships with clients. In doing so, we make marketing fun, easy and profitable for you. Contact us today and let us work with you to reach your goals.