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Setting An Appointment With A Contact From The Contacts Area

In this video Allie mentions integrating your calendar into our marketing platform to see the accompanying video click Here.


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI-powered, training personality.

Running a business requires a lot of conversing with people, we need to talk about projects, contracts and various other things throughout the day. Internally, it is easy to walk into an employee’s office, or give them a call. However, externally, we may need to set appointments with the people we need to talk to. This ensures both parties are available and able to get to the meeting location on time. Well, Web Geeks marketing platform allows you to set appointments, right from within our contacts area. Today we are going to show you just how easy setting appointments can be.

Before we start, you should probably connect your calendar to our marketing platform. To see how to do this, please follow the link below this video.

Now, let’s get started.

Appointment setting is a very simple process, first we need to navigate on over to contacts in the left-hand sidebar. Then we will need to choose a contact to set an appointment with, today I am going to go for Larrie Ayeye.

To set the appointment we just have to go on over to the appointment tab at the top right of the screen. And click here, to create a new appointment.

So, first, we need to select which calendar we would like to use to set the appointment, I am going to go with the test calendar for now. Then we need to give the appointment a title, as Larrie has been setting up a supply contract for me, I am going to call it, “discuss supply contract”. Underneath this box, you also have the option to set an appointment description, this is a good habit to keep, as it makes the party aware in a little more detail as to what the appointment is about. I am just going to say “supply contract for Web Geeks”, but you probably want to include a little more information than that.

Then, we need to make sure that we are using the correct time zone, to avoid any inconvenient meeting times. If you look to the right, we will see the time zone for Larrie, listed under his name. We are already in the correct time zone, so no change is needed there. If you need to change the time zone, however, you can just select a new one from the drop-down menu.

Then, we need to set a date and time for the appointment, in the area underneath, I’ll just set it for a random date and time for now. Now we just need to set up a meeting location, you can either use the calendar default location or you can set a custom location, let’s choose a custom location. Then you just need to type in where the location will be, I’ll just put, “at the office ” for now.

Finally, we have to set the status of the appointment if the meeting has been confirmed by both parties, set it to confirmed. Then click “book appointment”.
Now, as you can see, the appointment is here on the right-hand side, if you need to edit the appointment for any reason you can just click the edit button, here. Or if you need to cancel it, just click the trash icon next to it.

Now, i will just head over to calendars, in the left-hand sidebar. As my calendar is already integrated, I will just select the calendar I was using to book the appointment. And there we can see, the appointment that I created.

And that is all there is to it! Now you can set appointments in your contact area, make sure you create appointments that are convenient for both parties and ensure you get to all of those important meetings on time!