Contacts – Smart Lists

Making Organisation A Simple And Efficient Process

In This video Allie mentions activities, for more information on activities please see the accompanying video Here


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI-powered, training personality.

Businesses have many contacts, depending on the size of the business you could have hundreds to thousands of people you have interacted with, over the life of the company. All of these contacts will be kept track of somewhere, Web Geeks marketing platform keeps track of them for you all in our contacts area. But with the possibility of such a vast amount of contacts, how do you keep them in some sort of order? Well, once again, we can help you do just that! Carry on watching as we delve a little deeper, into our Smart Lists Feature!

Let’s get started!

First, we need to navigate on over to contacts in the left-hand sidebar. This will take us to the contacts area. As you can see, we already have developed a list of contacts to search through. But, lucky for us, this is Web Geeks marketing platform! So it is going to be very easy to find what we are looking for!

Our platform is very advanced in terms of ways to organise our contacts, some may even call it “smart”,” wink wink”. The first feature that you can take advantage of here, is the columns feature. This will show various extra columns for your contacts, making it easier to look through the entire list. For example; Say you were running a campaign, in the local area only, you may want to see how many of your clients live in local areas, so you can send them out an SMS or email informing them of this. In this case you would add the “city” column to the list. Here we go, we can now see all of the cities our contacts come from.

Next, we have a regular search function where you can search for a contact by name, email, business name, phone number or tag. This can be helpful if you need to get in touch with a particular person but have forgotten their details. or with a certain company, but you don’t know exactly who to contact. You would just type in “test company 1” and see all of the contacts you have, within that company.

Then finally we come to the filters option, this is where things get really “smart” so smart in fact, that if it could talk, I may be slightly concerned about my job security.

Let’s open up this menu.

First of all, there are all the regular options like name, phone number etc. Then all of your contact information, including things such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTokID’s. Next, we move on to the contacts activity. You can see more about activities in the link underneath this video. After this we have opportunity information such as their pipeline status. Then memberships, attributions, and finally custom fields.

We included all of these filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and fast, as we understand, how precious time can be within the working day, and none of us want to be wasting any!

But it gets even smarter! Let’s choose an option and see what happens. For this example, I am going to choose tags. As you can see, we are given quite a few options here. We can search for a contact where there is no tag, where there is a tag, then of course by a chosen tag. So, if i wanted to know, how many of my contacts were in the Ayeye family, i would click here, start entering the tag name, and the tag would pop-up in the drop-down menu. Then i select it and click apply, and here we are, we have a list of all of my family for me to look through. However, I doubt you would use that particular search in your business.

So, let’s go back to filters and try another option. First, I am going to cancel the current filter and go back to the tags filter. Then I am going to select the “any of” filter.

Maybe this time, i want to filter out all of my business contacts and find out, how many of my contacts are customers and leads. I’ll just add the two tags then click apply. And here we have all of our customers and leads. To make my life even easier from now on, I’ll reopen the filters menu and save this combination of tags as a smart list. Name my smart list “customers and leads” and click save.

So, next time I come into the contacts area, I can simply click on this tab to view my smart list any time I like! This makes time-consuming jobs, such as creating mailing lists, simple and efficient from now on!

But, what if you need to delete a smart list you have created? well for this, you need to go up to manage smart lists at the top of the screen. In this area, you have the ability to duplicate your list, share it with another user, edit it, or delete it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and explore this feature and see how much time and effort, this can save you and your company!