Contacts – Understanding Activity

How Understanding Your Customers Can Help Your Business

This video talks about a feature in our contacts area, to see an overview of the contacts area see the following video Here


Hi, I’m Allie, our AI-powered, training personality.

Having customers is great! It is, after all, what a business relies on! However, wouldn’t it be great to find out more about your customers and how they interact with your services? Well, look no further than Web Geeks marketing platform! Our platform helps you see where your customers, have been on your website and how they got there, allowing you to find out how they became customers and what offers or surveys they took part in, right from within the contacts area! This feature can be incredibly helpful when assessing your marketing plan! Today we are going to run you through this feature!

Let’s get started!

First, we need to head on over to contacts, in the left-hand sidebar. For this example I am going to choose myself from the contacts list. In the activity section for this contact we can see a whole host of activity. But what does this all really mean, and what can we do with this information?

Well, each activity has a title, so we can see that I have submitted forms, surveys and visited pages. For each entry there is a time and date that they happened and a link underneath. The link underneath is very helpful, because if we click on one, it will take us to the activity that has been completed. If this form or survey is embedded on a certain page it will give us the link to the page. This helps greatly with attribution. From this you can see where your forms or offers are working the best.

Next to each of the entries is a clipboard icon, let’s click on one of the survey ones. Here you are able to see the entry made by the contact when they completed the survey. This can inform or even just remind you of certain things about the client. In the page detail section, we can once again see the URL of the survey. However in this more detailed look, we are also able to see the source of the activity, in this case it was a referral, and under the referral we can see what took the client to the page. In this case it was our marketing platform. It is easy to tell by the referrer what type of traffic this activity can be attributed to. If it is coming from google.com, this is typically the result of an organic search.

If we look at a page visited activity, it will again give us the source of the traffic and the referral. and the URL of the referrer.

No matter which type of activity is listed for a contact, it can all help towards you understanding your customers and how they interact with you. Collecting and analysing this data helps you to improve your marketing strategy. So go and try out this feature, and see how it helps you improve your business!