Destroying a legacy in just one tweet — Roseanne Barr’s implosion

Destroying a legacy in just one tweet — Roseanne Barr’s implosion

Destroying a legacy in just one tweet — Roseanne Barr’s implosion

Roseanne Barr returned to television stardom this year with the reprisal of her eponymous and popular television series, but she then quickly crashed and burned this week when setting off a Twitter nuclear bomb, essentially destroying her show’s legacy (and her social media presence) in just one tweet.

The comedian and actress resorted to a disappointingly uncreative and racist message by using an ape analogy to describe Valerie Jarrett, a former administration official working for president Barack Obama. Despite the rise of relatively unchecked online bigotry in recent years, Barr’s comment lit the fuse of her own destruction, illustrating in a flash how one inappropriate tweet can destroy a well-established and seemingly indestructible brand.

The revival of the hit television show Roseanne was an instant success, drawing in millions of viewers and making it the second-most watched program among scripted shows on television. That’s the power of a strong brand.

But even the biggest brands can be toppled when you’re dealing with the power of social media. Done properly, these tools can be great for your enterprise. With time and effort, careful and appropriate posting, and a little wisdom, you can make your brand shine.

LEGO’s creative, family-friendly content soars, but their online success didn’t come overnight. Building a social media presence by posting worthwhile and entertaining content is a key way to get started. Creating clever, engaging and respectful content is the perfect way to connect with consumers and keep them tuned in to your brand.

So many brands get it right. Just look at General Electric, which has an excellent social media presence. They share stellar photos on Instagram, have exciting science and engineering content on Snapchat, and post playful Pinterest boards. It educates followers about things they may have never known, and that’s exciting for millions of people.

General Electric shares a hydroelectric plant pump, powered by solar and wind power, from a drone. It’s engaging, and it shows their devotion to renewable energy to followers around the world.

Fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s also has a strong social media presence, but for a different reason. What set them apart in 2017 was their sassiness and sarcastic responses to other Twitter users. They jabbed at other brands in good humour and gave themselves a persona that matched their brand. They are proof that sometimes, playing nice isn’t playing smart.

GE and Wendy’s prove there’s so much you can do with social media. You can really expand your brand and connect with current and potential consumers like never before. Creative, engaging content will draw in followers and improve reach.

Following a decisive World Cup match in 2014, Delta Airlines posted a Tweet congratulating the United States’ win against Ghana. Their mistake came when they used a giraffe to represent Ghana — where there are no giraffes — which led to fire on social media accusing Delta of everything from ignorance to racism. Delta later apologized for the tweet.

The worst part of Delta’s social media mistake is how easily it could have been avoided. Five minutes of research would have spared them hours of backlash. But once the mistake is made, it’s important to admit it, and ease the damage through a genuine apology. If you make a statement, don’t go back on it. People will see through that and think you aren’t accepting your mistake.

Roseanne Barr denied responsibility for her blunder and sent out empty apologies. She blamed her former co-stars, ABC, and even Ambien — a pharmaceutical sleeping aid. The actress then went back on what she had said on Twitter, losing her credibility even further, as if that was even possible.

Though her initial comment was disrespectful and vile, it was her later stream of consciousness tweets that cemented her social media mistake. Her inappropriate behaviour created new content for the internet to pick apart. It’s proof that no matter how solid your brand becomes, no matter the great heights you reach, it can all be scorched with one simple mistake when you’re dealing with the power of social media.

Twitter Increases Character Limit for Tweets & Display Names

Twitter Increases Character Limit for Tweets & Display Names

First announced in September, Twitter has finally rolled out its newest updates after months of teasing & testing with a group of trial users.  They have doubled the character limit on tweets from 140 to 280 characters.  This is a welcome update that could change how users, marketers and brands are having conversations on the social network.  Another new update allows users to change their display name to be 50 characters in length.

During the last year, Twitter has released smaller updates to help users carry on conversations on the social network.  When replying to a tweet, the characters in the Twitter handle of the people they replied to were not counted towards the limit, allowing users to respond to a Tweet with a full-length message.  In addition, a recent update also allows users to Quote a Retweet, allowing them to post a full-length message to add their input on to their source’s topic.

While the two updates above have been helpful to extend the length of a Tweet & encourage replies and conversation, the newest update to a character limit of 280 will likely have the largest impact on how users start conversations in the first place.  The longer limit gives more freedom for expression and allows more of an opportunity for users to add relevant hashtags to their posts, to be found by an interested audience.

Twitter’s research during the trial period shows that although users were able to publish Tweets up to 280 characters, on 5% of new posts sent were longer than 140 characters, and even less over 190 characters.

As we head into this new world of longer tweets, we may see changes in the ways that users, marketers and brands make use of Twitter, and could see an influx of users who previously avoided the platform due to the shorter character limit.  To help with readability and add credibility to Twitter and its users, this may also encourage users to use proper grammar and write in full sentences as they are no longer trying to keep their thoughts so short.

At Web Geeks, our social media team is engaging with brands and their audiences on a daily basis and staying on top of social media news and platform updates as they are released.  Whether your business already has a website and social profiles or is starting from scratch, Web Geeks works on all social platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn.  If your business is looking for a team to help manage their social media presence and digital marketing, please reach out to us and learn how we can work together to build your business and its audience.

Pokémon GO – Why It’s Taking The World By Storm

Pokémon GO – Why It’s Taking The World By Storm

Chances are unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so you’ve heard a lot about the new mobile craze ‘Pokémon GO’. It has taken the world by storm, and it’s grabbed the attention of both children and adults alike. But how popular is the game? Also, where does the future lie with Pokémon GO and can it be utilized?


It’s Very, Very Popular

Millions of people are wandering around the streets trying to “catch ‘em all”. Within a week of release, Pokémon GO has attracted over 21 million users. It has just launched in Germany and hit No.1 on the iPhone revenue chart in just three hours. Across the pond, it took 13 hours to hit the top of the US charts and has penetrated a daily user level of 10.81% in just 4 days after its debut.

In other words, Pokémon go is very popular. In just its first week it had a higher daily user penetration level than Twitter. It’s the latest digital sensation and by the looks of it, it will get even bigger once it’s officially released in Canada.


Why Is It So Popular?

But the question on many people’s mind is ‘Why is this so popular? It’s just paper toss with Pokémon.’ What people don’t realize is that it’s not the game itself that is so popular – it’s the social aspect.

Pokémon GO is doing something that no Pokémon game has done before it – it’s getting people to go outside. If you haven’t quite caught up with how the game is played, it’s essentially like Google Maps infused with Pokémon. You download the game, create your character and watch as he walks around a GPS map of your city. Where ever you go, he/she goes. Inside of this GPS you’ll find Pokémon pop up when you go near them. It then transfers to an augmented reality battle where the Pokémon is right in front of you. You then toss Pokéballs at the Pokémon to catch it. Catch multiple and you’ll get ‘candies’ which allow you to evolve certain Pokémon as you collect them.

The reason the game gets so addicting is because it adds the element from previous Pokémon games of feeling the need to ‘Catch ‘Em All”. The game has 150 Pokémon to collect. As you level up, rarer Pokémon will become available to you. The only way to level up of course, is to catch more Pokémon.

Of course, with anything that becomes popular, it gains some controversy. Pokémon go has most recently made headlines for Auschwitz having to remind people it’s ‘disrespectful’ to play Pokémon GO at the former concentration camp. In another instance, Pokémon GO has been used to lure people into armed robberies. However, for the most part, people are loving the fact that this new viral app encourages exploration, and gets people active!


The Future of Pokémon GO

The best part about Pokémon GO is that there is more to come that will make it an even better experience. Soon, the app will add support for trading between players and leaderboards to see how you stack up against other players.

However, what’s even more exciting is the rumors that there will be an opportunity for businesses to take advantage of the app. Businesses may be able to place gyms or certain Pokémon at their places of business. This will encourage more people to walk into their businesses, as getting people’s feet in the door – even if it’s only for Pokémon – can capture people’s attention toward the business and its offerings.

There’s some merit to these rumors. It’s been confirmed through searching through the apps code that Pokémon GO is partnering with McDonald’s. A source has said that as part of the partnership, every McDonald’s in an undisclosed country will be either a PokéStop where you can get items or a gym where you battle Pokémon. This gives merit to the rumor that other businesses will be able to do the same – if one business can do it then it opens the opportunity for others!

One way businesses have already been utilizing it for business is by using lures. Lures are an item you can receive within the game which you place on the map resulting in Pokémon being attracted to those areas. Businesses can purchase these items from the shop and place them at their business. This will get loads of foot traffic to the business and is especially effective if your target market is within the younger demographic.


Love it or hate it, Pokémon GO is here and it looks like it’ll be around for a while. The sheer popularity of the game has already made it a cultural phenomenon and with time, it’ll only get more fleshed out. It might be a good idea to start making plans on how your business can utilize Pokémon GO!

When not training to become Pokémon masters, we here at Web Geeks are focused on bettering your business through web design and digital marketing!


Welcome to the Team Emanuel!

Welcome to the Team Emanuel!

Web Geeks Marketing is always looking to hire Windsor Area talent and this week we found someone who fits our team perfectly. We’d like to take this time and introduce to you our new graphic designer: Emanuel Negreanu!

Born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Emanuel is a St. Clair Advertising and Marketing Communications Management graduate, whose strong passion for all things graphic design creates a work ethic that perfectly suits Web Geeks. He’s a dedicated individual whose goal is to make every client as satisfied as possible.

What Got Him into the Industry

Before developing his passion for graphic design, Emanuel’s passion was designing beats. He loves making music and first pursued an education in the business side of the music industry. When that program was full, a friend referred him to the Advertising and Marketing program at St. Clair College where they believed his unique talents would be put to good use.

It was here that Emanuel found his passion for graphic design. Through the St. Clair Advertising program, Emanuel developed the necessary skills to go above and beyond in graphic design. He has a wide array of knowledge with adobe design programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, as well as how to utilize each one in a way that puts out the best results. His passion for design translates into his work, and he will ensure that he only releases designs that surpass his own standards.

Why He’s Great for Your Business

Emanuel is an extremely dependable individual. His priorities lie with getting the work done to a quality that the client will be impressed with. He has a strong understanding of both design and business. He understands how important brand image is to a business, and he’s dedicated to delivering a product that can help boost the brand and bring in profit.

If something needs to get done, he’s the go-to guy. He works hard and efficiently and does not hesitate to get things done when it is needed. He’ll make sure you get what you need when you need it, with no delay.

Emanuel also understands the value and importance of communication. He believes communication is key in regards to graphic design. He wants to make sure that the client is getting exactly what they want, something that they envision to be a product that they can call theirs. He works very closely with his co-workers to make sure everyone is at the same place, in order to bring you the best product as a team.


Outside of graphic design, Emanuel has a wide array of interests. This includes:

  • Video Games
  • Learning about new technology
  • Sci-fi
  • Producing Music

Welcome to the team Emanuel! As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to contact at Windsor or Waterloo locations!

An Intern’s View of Web Geeks Marketing

An Intern’s View of Web Geeks Marketing


My name’s Cole Kierdorf, and I am an intern at Web Geeks Marketing. In this blog, I’m going to give you some insight on what happens at Web Geek’s Marketing, and how it runs on a typical day.

I wake up at 6:30 AM, though I don’t start working until 9 AM. It gives me enough time to get a head start on the day and make sure I’m ready for whatever gets thrown at me. Before I arrive to the office however, I have to stop at Tim Hortons – coffee is the key to getting my brain ready for the day!

I try to arrive at the office a few minutes before everyone else. I’m an intern, so I need to give a good impression. The boss always beats me of course – he unlocks the doors, and everyone else isn’t far behind him. Everyone seems just as eager to work as I am. It’s almost intimidating, and it pushes me to give a strong performance when the work hits.

Morning Hustle

I walk into my office, set up my laptop and the day begins! I start by checking my emails to see if any new tasks had come in. Once I see what the day has in store, it’s time to start working!

Finally, everyone is there and the advertising hustle can begin. People slowly come into mine and Matt’s office to say hello and give us some insight on the goals for the upcoming weeks. After that, everyone goes back to typing away at their keyboards as we email each other back and forth things that need to get looked over, posted, and typed out.

I can hear the phone starting to ring as clients start calling for assistance or new tasks, and that’s when thing’s really start to pick up.

Working within a time frame makes it more interesting because you really have to pull your creative thoughts together to make sure it’s done to the best of your abilities. Here at Web Geeks, they accept nothing but top quality, so when you hand in your work you need to put all your effort into it.

Lunch comes, but it feels as though the day just started. I’ve got a whole month’s worth of Twitter and Facebook posts figured out for one company, definitely a change from the school assignments I’m used to. It’s also a lot more enjoyable, so I can’t complain!

Oasis at the Office

The lunchroom is nice and quiet as Matt and I sit and quietly eat our lunches trying to “de-stress”. After we’re done eating, we talk about our college experiences as well as the difference between school and the actual work world.

Irvin, the one overseeing our work, pops his head in on us to check how we’re doing and make sure we aren’t burnt out. It really shows that Web Geek’s is a caring agency when people check on how you’re doing multiple times a day just to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed. They even try to have fitness breaks every 2 hours for a few minutes just to stand up and get your blood flowing again.

After chatting with Irvin and talking to him about work we’re doing for the clients, it’s time to get back to work! As Matt and I finish up scheduling the Twitter and Facebook posts for the month of April for the client, more work comes in.

Analytics Analysis

This time, we gain access to the Google Analytics for a website and have to analyze how it’s performing, and how it can improve.

Analytics may seem like a jumble of numbers and graphs, but when you understand it properly you can tell who is coming to your website, for how long, how they got there and what they do while on the site. It was fun analyzing the data of a real-time business and figuring out how they could improve sales with the customers searching for them on the internet. We found some very useful ways for that business to improve, and it will be interesting to see those changes get implemented.

Competitive Analysis Completion

Another task awaiting our attention. Matt and I now have to create a competitive analysis for a business and all their competition in the surrounding area. This one took a little more work than expected. In the end however, it wasn’t anything that we couldn’t handle.

We started by researching the company and what they do. Then, we looked up any businesses in that area who provided the same service and researched them in depth to learn a little more about them. We then created a PowerPoint presentation to show the client, so that they have an understanding of where their customers might be going and how they can win them back from their competition.

Restless Recap

As we finish the last task we sit and recap on the day. I love the fast-paced environment, it’s almost adrenaline pumping. It’s a very family oriented loving environment where everyone seems close, and it’s nice to see that everyone in the office makes an effort to smile at each other through the day.

Matt and I finished logging our times for the work we did today and it’s finally time to go home.

Can’t wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Web Geeks: Digital Marketing in Windsor

Web Geeks: Digital Marketing in Windsor

Our New Location

Web Geeks Marketing is in Windsor! They have recently opened its new head office located at 885 Northwood Street in Windsor, Ontario.  This new head office will allow Web Geeks to serve both locally and internationally as their client base grows.

What Kind of Digital Services Do We Offer?

Web Geeks Marketing is a digital marketing company that specializes in digital marketing, web development, online advertising and search engine optimization for businesses in Ontario and Michigan. With more than 20 years of experience in software and web development, Web Geeks has developed a remarkable reputation for putting customers first and as a fun, go-to marketing firm. Along with web development and design, Web Geeks plans to increase their services in social media marketing.

The Big Kahuna

President and CEO of Web Geeks, Lorne Shantz states, “With search engines like Google constantly challenging businesses to make their digital marketing relevant and useful, we have found our business growing and in-demand. Our new location allows us to expand our staffing complement as well as update our technology. We are thrilled to be in this position.”

A Few of Our Clients

Web Geeks has helped many companies. To name a few, Web Geeks has been responsible for working with Pajama Angels, Holy Cross Services, Grosse Pointe Art Center, Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church and GM Outlet Parts.

Web Geeks is focused on empowering organizations that want to grow, while building trusted, long-lasting relationships with clients. In doing so, we make marketing fun, easy and profitable for you. Contact us today and let us work with you to reach your goals.